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James often speaks publicly on the importance of being prepared for persistent rejection in the early phase of an art career. In the 1990’s James was often met with criticism for not ‘picking a lane’. While his work was very well received, his insistence on not being categorized presented a marketing problem to many agents and galleries. However, he maintained his view that artists he revered,  such as Irving Penn and Richard Avedon, where able to move seamlessly between genres, always bringing their style across diverse subject material.

Today James is renowned for the very diversity that he was often rejected for in the early days of his career. ‘Introspection’ is the first time that James has presented his three artistic personalities in one preview . Introspective’ features works from his Angels, Nomad Two Worlds and Seminole Spirit collections in one presentation.



In June 2009 James joined the prestigious ranks of Irving Penn and Helmut Newton as a resident artist of the worlds leading fine-art fashion photography gallery, CAMERA WORK in Berlin. James' works have since been featured in two solo exhibitions at CAMERA WORK, as well as being inducted into the 'Fashion Through Time' collection that is a group show of the worlds most preeminent fashion photographers spanning nine decades.

In the European summer of 2015 James returned to CAMERA WORK with a solo show of his world renowned 'Angels' collection.

Since being previewed at the Stephan Weiss Gallery in New York in 2014 Russell James 'Angels' fine-art photography collection of nude portraits of many of the worlds greatest beauties, many of whom he met during photo shoots for mega-brand Victoria's Secret, is reputed to be amongst the worlds most alluring collections of it's genre. All of the stunning subjects within his 'Angels' exhibition are also featured in his 300pp best selling art-book 'Angels'.



In 2012, James was invited to meet with Chief of The Seminole Tribe of Florida, James E. Billie to discuss a potential collaboration. A bond was made and a partnership was formed that allowed James entrusted permission to explore Seminole Culture from the perspective of 'Nomad Two Worlds', his world-renowned 'reconciliation through art' movement. James embarked on an exploration and artistic interpretation with the Seminole Tribe that he has entitled 'Seminole Spirit'. James was granted special access to Seminole Lands, given unfettered introductions to Seminole Elders and significant community members spanning all tribal clans within Seminole culture. Two years since the outset, James now describes The Seminole Tribe of Florida as 'The most progressive and determined group of people I have ever met; Their history of struggle, reinvention and adaptation is one of the greatest untold stories I have encountered that must become a source of global inspiration’.

'Seminole Spirit' is multi-media art installation that includes an art film and a short form documentary on The Seminole Tribe. The crowning Jewel and heart of 'Seminole Spirit' is a thirty-piece fine art collection produced on exquisite handmade Japanese paper.

The essence of Nomad Two Worlds is collaboration, preservation of culture and 'moving forward together'. For Seminole Spirit James has imagined and brought to life a single character to represent these core values who is represented by super-model Behati Prinsloo. Ms.Prinsloo was taken deep into Seminole lands to be photographed and filmed in extraordinary themes that reference Seminole culture. The outcome is a message of progression and modern day relevance that is delivered in sensual and dramatic themes through the vision of James.



The Nomad Two Worlds Art collaboration was inspired by Russell James’ deep connection to his homelands in Western Australia, and the cultural conflict he had witnessed growing up there. Following the great success of the New York Preview in 2009 there was a great demand for the collection to be shown in his homeland of Australia. Further works were created in honor of this special preview in extreme large formats, as well as tribute art pieces that featured images of several of Nomad Two Worlds founding partners and supporters such as Sir Richard Branson and The Black Eyed Peas.

To celebrate the Australian preview Virgin Airlines painted a commercial aircraft in Nomad Two Worlds Art and the 737 jetliner was flown across the entire continent. On board, Indigenous and non-indigenous artists performed an ‘in the air over Australia’ concert. Guinness book of records certified the events of the flight as being the ‘Highest altitude concert ever performed’ amongst other records and the art-work on the plane drew great attention to Nomad two Worlds and it’s social message of reconciliation through art.

The art collection have garnered international acclaim and press coverage around the world for Nomad Two Worlds and its powerful message.

‘Introspective’ is on display until November 20, 2015
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