CAMERA WORK (Berlin, Germany)

The European premiere of Russell James' 'Seminole Spirit' fine art collection featuring supermodel Behati Prinsloo will preview at CAMERA WORK Gallery (Berlin) between 25 April – 6 June 2015.

In 2012, James was invited to meet with Chief of The Seminole Tribe of Florida, James E. Billie to discuss a potential collaboration. A bond was made and a partnership was formed that allowed James entrusted permission to explore Seminole Culture from the perspective of 'Nomad Two Worlds', his world-renowned 'reconciliation through art' movement. James embarked on an exploration and artistic interpretation with the Seminole Tribe that he has entitled 'Seminole Spirit'. James was granted special access to Seminole Lands, given unfettered introductions to Seminole Elders and significant community members spanning all tribal clans within Seminole culture. Two years since the outset, James now describes The Seminole Tribe of Florida as 'The most progressive and determined group of people I have ever met; Their history of struggle, reinvention and adaptation is one of the greatest untold stories I have encountered that must become a source of global inspiration’.

'Seminole Spirit' is multi-media art installation that includes an art film and a short form documentary on The Seminole Tribe. The crowning Jewel and heart of 'Seminole Spirit' is a thirty-piece fine art collection produced on exquisite handmade Japanese paper.

The essence of Nomad Two Worlds is collaboration, preservation of culture and 'moving forward together'. For Seminole Spirit James has imagined and brought to life a single character to represent these core values who is represented by super-model Behati Prinsloo. Ms.Prinsloo was taken deep into Seminole lands to be photographed and filmed in extraordinary themes that reference Seminole culture. The outcome is a message of progression and modern day relevance that is delivered in sensual and dramatic themes through the vision of James.

Russell James
SEMINOLE SPIRIT Preview Exhibition
April 25 to June 6, 2015
Kantstrasse 149 10623 Berlin Germany
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For those who cannot attend, the full collection is also available for viewing online at ARTSY.