From LA to London

I am proud to announce my new association with one of America’s most significant galleries, Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles. Select works of mine are now available at the gallery and on their website. They also have a limited number of signed ‘Angels Limited Edition’ books at the gallery. As I reflect on these selected works, it is quite interesting to think about the story behind each piece.

One of the first shots that stands out to me from Fahey/Klein’s collection is the Scarlett Johanson portrait. I photographed Scarlett right after her incredible portrayal of the character Charlotte in Lost in Translation. That film left such an astonishing imprint on me, and I was lucky enough to shoot her at this point in her career. This particular portrait has gone on to become a collector’s piece and is now only available as an artist print.

PS_ScarlettJohannsen_04R (1).jpg

Another iconic piece that can be found in the Fahey/Klein collection is from my original Russell James 2008 collection, “Gisele on the Rocks.” The last time I saw this print was at a fine art auction, and it’s been some years since I’ve seen one. I took this shot on the Island of Virgin Gorda in 2004 during the most astonishing sunset. It was a memorable moment because it brought together so many things I love: the incredible female form combined with Mother Nature. This particular shot has gone on to become a collector’s item and is sold out in all sizes. However, we will be making it available as an artist print through Fahey/Klein.

23272 _highres.jpg

Fahey/Klein is also carrying “Kendall in Treetops, Santa Barbara” from the Angels Fine Art Collection featuring Kendall Jenner. This shot was taken in a giant tree in Carpinteria, Santa Barbara. I believe this piece will be a heavily featured part of my works going forward, as again, it embodies so many elements I am inspired by -- the human form, mother nature, and wow, were those trees quite astonishing.


Fahey/Klein Gallery is located at 148 North La Brea, Los Angeles, CA 90036. More information on the gallery and my featured works can be found here. For fine art inquiries and the Angels 2018 Collection and Limited Edition book, please contact or visit

My Trip to London

Some 5,000 miles across the globe from Los Angeles, I had the great honor of taking a trip to London to work with Barbra Streisand at her performance in Hyde Park.

The trip brought together many things for me. I managed to arrive the day before the show and was able to catch the London Pride parade. It was very special for me because I had literally just left New York, and it was extraordinary to see that very same parade mirrored across the Atlantic. It was inspiring to witness the growing movement around the globe, and the powerful worldwide commitment to acceptance and progression.

The main event for me, Barbara Streisand at Hyde Park, was incredible. You know you’ve really made it when your guests are people like Lionel Ritchie and Kris Kristofferson. The lineup was just extraordinary, and I must admit, I had no idea how absolutely breathtaking Hyde Park is. To hear Barbara’s voice in that venue, and capture the candid backstage shots that go into an event that extensive was a photographer’s dream. I look forward to sharing more of this film in the coming months.

Wishing a happy summer and safe travels to all!