After being abroad for two years, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is returning to what I consider its natural home – New York City. VSFS 2018 will take place this week, and is building to be perhaps the most significant show that I have ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot!

In some ways, I feel that we have only just departed from Shanghai, where last year’s show took place. The show is truly a 365, 24/7 proposition. I am consistently amazed by the amount of production, organization, planning, and commitment that it takes to put on this extraordinary show every year.

This year is very much about returning superstars. We have Candice and Behati who had been away creating beautiful families, as well as the return of Kendall and Gigi, along with others who were unable to travel to Shanghai last year. There will also be some first-time appearances of new faces destined to shape upcoming years in the fashion, modeling and beauty industries. On top of that, I’m beyond excited about the music talent that’s about to be on the stage.

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Late last year, I released my book Backstage Secrets that reveals intimate moments backstage of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows, where no other cameras have gone. In it, I refer to "a decade behind the scenes,” but in fact, it’s closer to two decades behind the scenes (I guess I’m just embarrassed to show my age).

The book was in constant edit for years because, as all things in life, this show is epic and continuing. When I finally launched Backstage Secrets, it quickly became one of the most exciting publications I have ever done.

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For Backstage Secrets, I had a very specific goal in mind– I wanted it to be accessible to a wider audience because the content was something I really wanted to share. I know this may sound opposite to the principles of the art business but sometimes, in order to bring something you are truly passionate about to the market, you have to find the most economical vehicle to do so. I was able to leverage my connections with the great publishers, printers and retouchers I have been so fortunate to work with over the years to have a beautiful book at an affordable price. This was very important to me because I feel, in some regards, that art and particularly fine art photography books have become so expensive that many people don’t get the opportunity to enjoy them.

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As I head backstage at the VSFS 2018 this week, I’m in awe at the assemblage of the world’s most amazing models and the equally amazing musical talent that will be gracing the stage. If I don’t see you there, I’ll be sharing my backstage view via social media. Looking forward to a great VSFS 2018, and I’m sure someone is already planning VSFS 2019!

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