Experiencing art can happen in various forms. You can experience art on social media or through art books or on the walls of an art gallery. However, I have found there remains a certain inaccessibility to experiencing art, a missing opportunity that I refer to as the need for the democratization of art. You can either have a finite glimpse or, if you are fortunate enough to be a wealthy collector, you can buy an original edition—and I believe these worlds should and will always exist—but why can’t the majority of people also experience art in their home or at work or to gift to a friend?

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As a photographer, I am a visual storyteller. My primary goal has always been to allow access to my photographs to as many people as possible in the hopes of creating an emotional reaction, challenging an existing perception of amplifying the beauty of a subject into a single moment, and, most importantly, to share the art and the message behind it. Therefore, when I was approached to make my art more accessible through a capsule collection, “Sea Beneath,” naturally, I was ecstatic. Quite simply, this project allows you to buy a high-quality, authorized photographic reproduction prints, with the choice from various sizes and the option to frame, and to receive the finished product within a few days—and all at a fraction of the cost of a fine-art limited edition piece. In my opinion, this is a great stride forward, a very personal way to share art-photography and my journey with everyone.

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As those who know me or follow me on social-media have likely noticed, I engage in many social, charitable, and philanthropic projects. With this passion in mind, 10% of all proceeds from my ‘Sea Beneath” capsule collection will be donated to the Nomad Two Worlds Foundation (NTWfoundation.org), an organization that I founded in 2011, where I learned how water and the sea is a theme across all of our partner communities. The Nomad Two Worlds Foundation utilizes the arts to partner with marginalized and indigenous communities in the USA, Australia, Haiti, and soon to expand to other countries around the world. I have seen first-hand the great power of the arts in improving communication and understanding between different communities, building self-esteem, creating economic opportunity in impoverished communities, and other meaningful outcomes. Art is a language that we all speak, and its power should never be underestimated.

I hope that you will enjoy my “Sea Beneath” collection.

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