It was one of those years where 2015 just somehow morphed into 2016, and I’m not sure when. I do recall standing on the white sandy shores of Western Australia when the fireworks went off, and then somehow, like I was teleported, my bare feet were suddenly planted back on the concrete floor of Pier 59 Studios in New York, camera in my hand. So, I am skipping my summary of 2015, and let’s just get on with 2016 - since it has already started anyway.

It’s a fascinating year for the worlds of fine-art photography and fashion. I once believed them to be independent of each other, however, I have revised my view on that to be that ’they are wholly dependent on each other’. As my fine art photography has been touring different parts of the world, the requests for me to shoot Vogue covers and other fashion stories have increased in equal proportion. In the last six months, I have shot more Vogue covers than the past three years combined, with several more about to publish and still more to shoot. It’s both cool and curious to see how closely related the fine-art and fashion worlds truly are. Although, when I consider the careers of Penn, Avedon and Newton, I realize that they moved seamlessly through the two worlds. So, I take encouragement and move ahead.

Like everybody else, I am increasingly mesmerized by the evolution of social media. In an interview this past year, I was asked if I thought social media would exist in marketing five years from now. I pondered that for a moment and I responded that it’s more likely that social media will be the only thing that exists in marketing five years from now. It continues to evolve at an astonishing rate. In fact, I don’t believe I ever held a hard copy of any of the recent Vogue covers I shot in my hand first - I first saw them all through social media. I talk often with those in the marketing sphere whose opinion I revere and the message is clear. Love it or hate it, we all need to understand social media from a social, marketing and business standpoint.

So, I look forward to sharing my next cover and next exhibition with you - on Instagram and Twitter @nomadrj.

Nomad Two Worlds

And then, deep in my photo genome lives the art. ‘Angels’ fine-art collection has become increasingly in demand. Check the ‘Exhibitions’ listing on my page for detailed updates. ‘Angels’ takes wings to Paris and Mexico City this year. Some new pieces will be previewing in each city with some terrific special guest hosts. As always, anything due to me from the art sales will go directly to Nomad Two Worlds, the socially-conscious business and foundation that I started in 2012.

Spoiler alert, watch out for a special preview in New York this September of ‘Dark Angels’, an all-new exhibition and book. More on that soon!

However, my personal biggest news of 2016 is that the Nomad Two Worlds Foundation has taken great strides these past six months, thanks to an incredibly dedicated team that has formed around the mission. Like-minded people have encouraged me to think bigger and push harder. NTW Foundation has committed to continue our current grants to indigenous and marginalized based communities while rapidly developing new programs that we feel can have long-term and sustainable impact. If you have a minute, please watch the video to find out more about us. Art is a powerful language that can erase borders and build bridges to communities. I never cease to be amazed by the power of collaboration.

I am working with the NTW Foundation to host a major exhibition in Houston and New York this Fall that will feature collaborative art works and performances from several cultures.

Now let’s get on with 2016 before 2017 dates start appearing in the calendar.

All my best,