I must say, I found it very cool to discover that Charlie Rose has such genuine passion for art, culture and fine-art photography. I enjoyed being interviewed by Charlie. We touched on broad range of topics from my recently launched Angels collection, to the art collaboration I have been developing with The Seminole Tribe of Florida called 'Seminole Spirit'. I have been working on 'Seminole Spirit' for the better part of the last two years. 'Seminole Spirit' will launch officially in February 2015 and my conversation with Charlie is the first time I have spoken publicly about it.


I have also just released my exhibition schedule for the next six months. I get quite exhausted looking at it; however, I am excited to be in Berlin, Aspen, NYC and several other great art locations in the coming months.

The interview with Charlie Rose airs tonight October 29 on PBS at 11Pm EST on The Charlie Rose Show. It re-airs this Thursday October 30 on PBS at 1:30PM and 8PM. It also airs Thursday night on Bloomberg at 10PM EST. So mum, I hope you can catch one of the airings out there in Australia!

Thanks so much to Charlie Rose and everyone on the show, it is an honor to be on such a great show talking about things I love so much.