For the first two years of its existence I thought that ‘Twitter' was something that happened to your eye if you had an inverted eyelash. So I guess it’s no surprise that it took me a while to figure out that Artsy was an absolute game changer in the world of art. Founded by Wendi Murdoch and her amazing art world partners, Artsy created THE place for artists and galleries to gather online. It caters to the most passionate and dedicated art collectors as well as for those who just want to know where and when upcoming shows will happen and to generally learn more about art. So it is an extraordinary honor for the Nomad Two Worlds Gallery to be asked to join the world of Artsy - effective today.

Angels signage from angels opening

Nomad Two Worlds Gallery is not just home to my new ‘Angels’ collection, it is also home to the amazing Nomad Two World collaborations with Indigenous Australian, Native American and Haitian artists. Since 2008 we have collaborated on art in the spirit of reconciliation. Our exhibits have now been shown all over the world in New York, Berlin, Melbourne, Los Angeles and Washington to name just a few. I am really excited about the extraordinary talent who we will be able to showcase in the coming months through our new relationship with Artsy. Like everything in my life, I wish I could do it all at once and that it was all done yesterday, and the fact I have to sleep annoys the hell out of me because it feels like lost time. That said, on this launch of our Artsy relationship it will not only feature my new ‘Angels’ collection but also from today I will be able to begin sharing the works of the some of the amazing artists who are part of Nomad Two Worlds family.


First to be featured from the Nomad Two Worlds Gallery will be collaborative collections of Clifton Bieundurry ‘Tjapanangka Payirntarri’ of the Walmajarri People, Lance Chadd ‘Tjyllyungoo’ of the Nyoongar / Yamatji People, and Philippe Dodard of Haiti. Their powerfully messaged art openings have been attended by people from every walk of life; those from the most remote communities, to Heads of State, and everybody in between. The Nomad Two Worlds Gallery's approach is to showcase art that is accessible to all and tells a story that celebrates cultural diversity and promotes reconciliation. However, these wonderful collections launching today are just the tip of a stunning artistic iceberg. In the coming months we will be adding the works of Nathan Mundraby, Edwin Lee Mulligan, Rebecca Morgan, Reinold Clerisier, Pascal Monnin, Jamie Okuma, Sandra Okuma and other significant Indigenous and contemporary artists who make up the Nomad Two Worlds Gallery family.

all artists and hugh jackman

Funds from art sold through the Nomad Two World Gallery goes directly to Nomad Two Worlds, our socially conscious business, Nomad Two Worlds Foundation and of course to the amazing artists themselves, many of whom live in remote or marginalized communities and who deserve far more acknowledgment for their work in preservation of culture than they currently receive. Whether presenting their works to The Queen of England, or to young kid in a remote community, it remains an honor to be in the company of such great talent. And if you really want to know ‘who’ we are then please take the time to view the video below that the founding artists of Nomad Two Worlds made together in 2009 (and see just how many people you may recognize). See you on Artsy!