For all my friends who have already expressed their concerns that I speak way too much about far too little - things are about to get a whole lot worse. When I was told that the shackles of ‘122 characters or less’ had been cast off and I would have access to my own blog I hyperventilated. That said, I will try to constrain my literary meandering to at least be on topics related to photography, Nomad Two Worlds, recent and upcoming exhibitions and anything in the photography world that has really caught my eye recently. It will be hard to do but I'll give it my best.


Ironically, I am losing my blogger virginity by writing about ‘Angels’, my new book and fine-art editions preview that just happened in New York. As my friends can testify, I didn’t embark on my photography career with the notion that I would ever do a book and exhibition entirely focused on the subject of the nude. When I fell in love with photography more than two decades ago it really was a passion for photography spanning many worlds - ancient culture, portraits, landscapes, fashion, nudes and beauty were just a few of the genres that I loved. In fact, this broader interest in photography was quite nearly the demise of my career before it ever got started. Almost all the significant photographer agents in the world were concerned that I was not focused enough on any one specific category and they saw that as a marketing problem. Thankfully “almost all’ did not include one agent who believed in my diversity and in 1997 I was adopted by Bryan Bantry Agency. By having the belief of the right people at the right time I have been humbled and honored to have a career that has allowed me to publish a total of five solo books on subjects close to my heart. However, as long as people had any way record art in any way we have always had a great fascination with the beauty of the female form. I am no exception.


I have found no greater challenge than creating a nude photograph that the subject herself will pronounce ‘beautiful’.  It requires all the skills I have ever learned from creating very controlled technical lighting and conditions, deliberate composition and the hardest part of all, making an honest connection with the person in the photograph that will allow them to relax and partner in the process. The success of a nude shoot is based entirely on the trust level we reach and me having my act together behind the scenes on a technical level.


Through my many years working in fashion and beauty and especially with Victorias Secret I have had the great fortune to meet many of the worlds most beautiful woman. Over the past fifteen years some of us have found ourselves in wonderful places or ideal circumstances to do nude shoots. In the last couple of years I decided that I felt ‘ready’ to create a book entirely of nudes that would not be just ’nudes for nudes sake’. In the year before the book I was in a frenetic series of photo shoots any time I could with many of the greatest beauties of our time. To say I am lucky to work with people on this level would be a massive understatement.

Now the only nail biting I have left is actually waiting for the book to publish later in late October. At the opening preview I was stunned by the turnout of friends and supporters, many of whom travelled from around the world. I feel like I can’t write any names without writing them all, however the press came out in droves and did a wonderful job of capturing the night that was amongst the most special in my life. 

The next chance to see Angels’ will be in In Miami in December during Art Basel, with Aspen to follow very early in the new year. Stay tuned to my website for full details if you might be in any of those areas and like to see it, and other exhibit location for 2015 to be announced soon.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who came together to make ‘Angels’ a reality. I am filled with gratitude to all who made this possible, and most especially to those wonderful people who trusted me enough to be featured in the book. When I read the back cover of ‘who’ I have to pinch myself every time.  


It has been an extraordinary couple of years in terms of art projects and especially within my alter-ego, Nomad Two Worlds. One very special collaboration I have been working on with a highly potent creative team is a collaboration with The Seminole Tribe of Florida. ’Seminole Spirit’ has been nearly two years in the making and in the next few months we will be previewing the exhibit in the lead up to a full exhibition. The story behind it is one of the most motivating and progressive stories I have ever had the privilege to be informed about. I am very excited to share it and the preview and opening details will be updated in the next few weeks.


Has it been more than 122 characters yet? If so, I believe I can say I have lost my blog virginity! I am already looking forward to the next time...